Aloha Shirt Shoppe

$ 55.00

Our Aloha Shirt Shoppe is the perfectly easy way Welcome your guests to Hawaii.  We bring a wide variety of Aloha shirts, Polo Shirts, Dresses, Sarongs and Scarves for your VIPs to shoppe from,  at the convenience of your hotel.   From conservative cottons and flowing sundresses, to brightly colored sarongs and scarves, your guests will have fun shopping for their personal Hawaiian look.  The Shirt Shoppe can be arranged for registration or during your Welcome reception.  Lead time is 8 weeks.  Guest size scale required.


We can bring a variety of Aloha wear to match your budget.  100% Cotton, 100% Rayon and Microfiber fabrications are available.  Men’s and Ladies Styles include Aloha Shirts, Aloha Polo Shirt, Sundresses,  Sarongs and Scarves.  Lead time is 8 weeks. Minimum 100 garment purchase.  Guest size scale required.


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