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My Adventure Experiences Bucket List

Today I discovered this super cool website, Cloud 9 Living, that sells Adventure Experiences.   Originally, I was just looking for fun stuff to do in Hawaii, but then I started delving deeper and found innumerable adventures that I would love to experience before I literally kick the bucket.  And in the process, I also discovered three (surprisingly) important characteristics about myself:

  1.  Although I love the decadent pampering experience, I am drawn to fast cars, artistic lessons, exotic food and once in a lifetime adventures.
  2. Naturally curious, I love learning about other communities, cultures, and discovering any hidden natural talents.  Some of these I probably would have never considered 10+ years ago
  3. I realize that Life is short and there are so many wonderful things I’d love to experience before I die.  So why not create as many fun and exciting memories to last 10 lifetimes.

Below is a collage of the adventures I want to experience.  They span the entire country and I’d be darn lucky if I could experience half of what’s listed here.   I’ll go through 1 or 2 a week and give my take on why it would be an awesome experience.   And if any of my readers have experienced it – please share and let me know if  it’s worthwhile to keep on my bucket list.  Let’s experience the adventures together!

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